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Posts tagged with illustration

  1. How to easily peel a pomegranate

    Ah the pomegranate! These tasty fruits are full of antioxidants and are considered one of the healthiest fruits on the planet. Their juice has anti-inflammatory effects and may possibly fight cancer cells. However, getting into one can be a messy hassle. Leaving you with stained countertops, red fingers and a…

  2. #PoopApologies: Signs calling out irresponsible pet owners

    Have you ever stepped in an errant piece of dog poop and then unknowingly tracked it through your office Have you ever seen one of those poo baggies, filled, then thrown down an alley, tied to a fence, or tossed into a tree because a garbage can was just. too.…

  3. You Have Survived All Your Darkest Days

    A reminder to anyone out there who is struggling through something challenging. Maybe you’re starting a new business and it’s moving slower than anticipated. Maybe you’re a new parent who is dealing with sleepless nights and constant cries. Maybe you’re struggling with depression and anxiety and trying to find your…

  4. How to Stop Social Media Addiction

    Modern marketing for creatives is all about social media. You have to interact with people to create a community and audience that cares about you and your work. You have to be emotionally involved in your work and interactions. I definitely think it’s necessary to be active on Instagram and…

  5. Goals for 2019

    My 2019 goals. I had plans to write them out for myself but when @goodtype made this week’s challenge to letter your goals for #goodtypetuesday I jumped on-board.⠀ I want to focus on building my illustration career. I want to reach out and get my work in front of more…

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