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Goals for 2019

My 2019 goals. I had plans to write them out for myself but when @goodtype made this week’s challenge to letter your goals for #goodtypetuesday I jumped on-board.⠀

I want to focus on building my illustration career. I want to reach out and get my work in front of more publishers, art directors and creative directors. This might be through another focused passion project, working through @homsweethom #passiontopaid class notes again. I want to gain new clients and continue to impress the ones I have.⠀

I want to get my online store up and running and create passive income through there and other licensing sites. I want to improve my reach on social media. Fill my portfolio with work that I want to be getting - book covers, editorial, craft beer labels, advertising and packaging jobs. Assign myself my own dream jobs to show off the skills I can provide to a client.⠀

I want to draw every day to improve my skills and because I love it so much. I want to participate in more challenges.⠀

I want to stop overthinking things. Worrying whether something is good enough, or on the right track. Every image is another chance for new work and clients - I just need to get it out there.⠀

What are your goals for 2019?⠀

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