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Cat Chonks

From the mind of illustrator Alana McCarthy comes a whole new digital collection named The Cat Chonks! These chunky collectible cats are an auto generative art project based off of her Geeky Pet pop culture parody cat art. They're cartoony, cute and fun!

Cat Chonks are 1000 of the chunkiest floofiest felines that come in many variable costumes, fur colours, expressions and even toe beans. Ready for you to mint and give a forever home! There are also 10 unique 1 of 1s hidden in the litter.

They are being minted on the Etherium Polygon blockchain. This means they are environmentally friendly and have NO gas fees. Hooray!

Plus a portion of proceeds will be donated to the Toronto Cat Rescue who are a no-kill, non-profit local charity that helps out our furry feline friends. So you can get a warm fuzzy feeling with every purrrchase!

Not only that but holders will get exclusive access to the Geeky Pet Clubhouse with merch, airdrops and giveaways!










My goals for the project are built on 3 pillars

1 • COMMUNITY • Purchase of a Cat Chonk NFT gets you exclusive membership into the Geeky Pet Clubhouse. I aim to create a community of like-minded animal loving people who want to share and grow in the web3 space.

2 • EDUCATION • Sharing is caring! The NFT space is so new and has a lot of barriers. I want to go through this process so that I can learn and teach other independent artists and women how to make their own NFT collections. The web3 space is decentralized and offers amazing opportunities for artists and everyone!

3 • GIVING BACK • I plan to donate a portion of profits to animal rescues or wildlife charities. Our furry friends can’t speak up, I want to help organizations be their voice.

Holders will receive exclusive awards and airdrops for being part of this journey with me!


Fill out this form so I can send you some happy mail!


• APRIL 2022 - Drop of 1000 Chonky Cats on the OpenSea Marketplace on Polygon. Minting on

  • 89 MATIC each
  • 10 1/1 exclusive kitties hidden in the litter
  • 1st 100 Cat Chonks will get surprise merch in the mail
  • 50 Chonky Cats reserved for marketing and giveaways
  • Holders get...
  • Membership to the Geeky Pet Clubhouse Discord
  • Exclusive giveaways & airdrops
  • Voting rights on future utilities and charities
  • Auto gold list for future collections

• CHARITY - 8% donation of all profits will be made to a local Toronto animal rescue or wildlife service. This first drop's proceeds will benefit Toronto Cat Rescue

• SOLD OUT - I'll celebrate, hug Pumpkin and start working on another animal themed art collection under Geeky Pet NFT. I'll invest some of the earnings back into growing my brand, community and utility.

• NO RUG PULLING - I believe in underpromising and overdelivering. I'm just one person and don't want to fail my audience by promising things I can't deliver on.

 FUTURE PLANS - I'd love to have my cats turned into costumes, characters or even a game within the Metaverse. Successful projects would allow me to hire a team of developers to make that happen.

• I'd love to develop a GeekyPet Token that gives crypto back to the community.

• I'd love to donate even more to other charities that help animals. I plan to increase the percent donated with each collection.

• I want to explore the hold to earn option where Geeky Pet Clubhouse members earn some kind of token that they can trade in for merch, crypto, items and such.

• The options are always changing and truly limitless! Grow with me in this crazy web 3 world!


Hi! I'm Alana - an animal-loving, city-dwelling, outdoorsy woman who loves camping, hiking, biking, yoga and learning new skills. I live in Toronto, Canada with my husband, big orange cat Pumpkin and two young boys.

I've been working as a professional illustrator for 20 years. Along the way I've had an illustration agent and worked with some big name clients. I also worked as a designer for an animation studio and left a few years ago to re-start my own illustration business.

I had been hearing about NFTs for a while, but decided to fully jump in in November 2021. I love the art aspect, the community, the philanthropy, the cutting edge technology and how new the space is. I also learned that females are a minority in the crypto and NFT space. That made joining in even more appealing to me. I want to be at the forefront of this movement.

I believe that crypto, blockchain tech and NFTs are the way of the future. I think it's an amazing arena full of new opportunities for artists. I want to be on the leading edge of this movement, and teach other women how to jump in by sharing everything I learn along the way.

If you'd like to follow my journey the best place is on my TikTok, Twitter and Discord Channel.

I'd love to meet you, feel free to reach out and say hi!


Cat Chonks is the first NFT Geeky Pet collection from me, illustrator Alana McCarthy. All elements were hand drawn in Procreate, converted to transparent PNGs and then randomly reassembled by an algorithm.

Cute, chonky and collectible with variable fur, eyes, faces, costumes, toe beans, toys and more.

A portion of proceeds on each drop will go to benefit a local animal rescue charity.

My goal is to dive into the NFT world and learn A LOT along the way. I'm sharing what I learn on my @GeekyPetNFT TikTok page.

I also aim to educate others and expose them to the opportunities NFTs present. I want to build community and get to know other creators and collectors - especially other women in this space!

I'm an individual illustrator, working without a team, so this will be a smaller project of 1000 to increase rarity. There will also be 10 exclusive 1 of 1 cats hidden in the litter.

When the project CATches momentum I want to expand it into new animal themed NFT drops and different designs.

Each Cat Chonk will be priced at 0.04 ETH for the Indoor Cat List drop then 0.06 ETH for the Outdoor Cat List.

Since it's being minted on the Polygon blockchain the whole collection is environmentally friendly and has NO gas fees! If that doesn't get you purring I don't know what will!

Why Polygon on OpenSea?

Originally I was going to mint on Opensea using the Etherium Blockchain. However, the more I learned about the high cost to the environment (ETH takes a lot of energy to mint) plus the terror of the fluctuating gas fees (how much is my purchase REALLY going to cost?) I started researching alternatives.

Polygon runs on the Etherium Blockchain and uses ETH as its cryptocurrency. Some things I LOVE about Polygon:

• Environmentally friendly

• NO gas fees, no hidden fees

• LOW minting fees (60k x cheaper than ETH, fraction of a penny)

Why NFTs?

I believe that NFTs, blockchain tech and Cryptocurrencies are the way things are moving. Web 3 and the Metaverse are real and happening and I want to be on the cutting edge of this technology.

• NFTs allow artists to make a living off their art, plus earn royalties off of every future sale.

• NFTs allow artists to PERSONALLY connect to their supporters and give back to the people that care enough to help them grow! It's such a positive cycle!

• NFTs can have additional utilities attached - such as concert tickets, or physical products. Big brands are starting to leverage this fact. As my business grows I will invest some of it back into utilities that benefit my holders - such as hold to earn tokens.

• NFTs allow the individual to profit. Crypto is decentralized, meaning the power is in the people's hands - especially women, a definite minority in this space. It is worldwide and allows bank-poor countries to participate in a global economy.


Helping animals! Cat Chonks will be donating 8% of every sale on the profits of the whole collection once I reach 100 sold.

First 100 holders will also get vinyl stickers in the mail from my shop!

I also plan surprise utilities for members of the Geeky Pet Clubhouse. Free prints, stickers, custom NFTs, airdrops and other giveaways.

• Google form for HOLDERS

Down the road I would love to link my characters to a game, costuming, items, tokens or other utility in the Metaverse. That will take funds to hire developers, so with your help we can make this project a success and we can grow together!


A minting button is at the top of this site. Join my discord server for more info


Some NFT companies build out huge flashy websites. I've made the strategic decision to build mine as a page linked from my illustration site 

This proves to you that there is a real person behind this. You can click around, visit my about page and see all my other projects, awards and major clients.

I've been in the commercial art game for 20 years now, and I've dedicated my life to being a creative and building other creatives up.

Your purrchase of an NFT from me supports a small business and helps me grow directly.


Cat Chonks and any other GeekyPetNFTs are created by Alana McCarthy. All images, name and intellectual property is copyright Alana McCarthy.

When you purchase a Cat Chonk or other GeekyPet NFT by minting on the Polygon network through our Smart Contract you have purchased an official GeekyPetNFT and entered into this service agreement license.

This license provides the holder with the limited right to publicly display and use the image and name for personal non-commercial use. Such as printing and displaying in a personal home or using as a profile picture on social media.

Any use beyond personal use must be with the express written permission of Alana McCarthy and my include additional terms than what is displayed in this contract. 


(Great explainer from our friends at The Sherwood Project)

Cat Chonks will be minted on the Polygon blockchain. To purchase them you will need a wallet with more than the initial price of 89 MATIC in it.

CONNECT WALLET Instructions:

  • Get a MetaMask wallet
  • Use to add the POLYGON NETWORK to your wallet
  • Import MATIC token to your wallet
  • Cat Chonks are 89 MATIC
  • Connect wallet to MoonPay
  • Complete ID checks
  • Buy MATIC through MoonPay
  • Check wallet for successful transfer of MATIC
  • Connect wallet to mint site
  • Choose quantity of Chonks
  • Select mint
  • Edit gas amount to “aggressive” (still super cheap)
  • Select confirm
  • Wait for the transaction to complete
  • Connect to OpenSea and find your Cat Chonk in your wallet 
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