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Posts tagged with freelance

  1. Three life changing tools for the creative business owner

    Running a freelance illustration business may seem like an absolute dream job. It really is - I get to draw all day and make money from it! It’s like a childhood dream come true! But running your own business is a lot to handle. You end up wearing so many…

  2. Aim for Self Love this Valentine’s Day

    Emo post ahead. I was reflecting back to Valentines Day a year ago. I was in a terrible state at the time but didn’t fully realize it. I booked the day off work and decided to take a me day. I hit the waters at a spa and tried to…

  3. Best podcasts for creative freelancers

    I’m a big fan of podcasts. I started listening to audio books while I freelanced at home. I found they put me in an almost meditative state, where my hand was still drawing, but my mind was listening to the book. When I transitioned to a full time office job…

  4. How to Stop Social Media Addiction

    Modern marketing for creatives is all about social media. You have to interact with people to create a community and audience that cares about you and your work. You have to be emotionally involved in your work and interactions. I definitely think it’s necessary to be active on Instagram and…

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