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NFT Talks - Podcast and Webcasts

In November 2021 I dove head first into the Web3/NFT world. Six months later I launched my own collection - Cat Chonks by Geeky Pet NFT. Learning and doing everything myself has catapulted me into being a featured guest on podcasts and webcasts. I am frequently interviewed about my experience building an NFT collection as a solo female artist, my 20 year career journey as an illustrator, as well as my advocacy for mental health, pricing and artist's rights.

Enjoy selected interviews below.

Freedom with NFTs - Lauren Turton and Alana McCarthy talk sales + pricing

Women in NFTs & Web3 - Episode 15 - How to Price Your Art featuring Alana McCarthy

Mon, 25 Apr 2022 

Alana McCarthy is an award winning illustrator with 20 years experience in commercial art.

She was a senior designer at an animation studio for 8 years, creating style guides for major brands. Four years ago she returned to running her own creative business.

She began her journey into NFTs in 2021 and launched her first collection - Cat Chonks by GeekyPetNFT!

Listen to hear her valuable advice on how aspiring artists can price and profit from their own NFT collections!

Listen through the link below

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