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Pricing Guide

$39.00 USD

This guide will help take the scaries out of pricing commercial creative work.  Perfect for illustrators, letterers, graphic designers, muralists and commercial artists. It will give you the tools to figure out your own personal pricing structure based on your experience and the value you bring to the table. It will help you negotiate and price confidently!


  • Pricing case studies from my actual jobs
  • Why we need proper pricing
  • How to figure out your required and desired salary
  • Discover your secret hourly rate
  • Typical rates for beginner to professional designers
  • Time tracking to estimate your own pricing
  • Value based pricing - what factors increase what you can charge
  • Should you ever work for free?
  • Negotiation basics
  • Additional fees you can charge
  • Additional pricing resources

For more information click ''Pricing Guide For Visual Creatives''

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