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PoopApology Signs - Set of 6

$25.00 USD

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PoopApologies is a series of hand-lettered signs that creatively calls out irresponsible dog owners.

Born out of frustration with all the dog poop left around my neighbourhood. By creating and placing these signs around town I'm drawing awareness to the problem of abandoned dog poop.

Don't blame the dog, blame the owner!

Have you ever stepped in an errant piece of dog poop and then unknowingly tracked it through your office?

Have you ever seen one of those poo baggies, filled, then thrown down an alley, tied to a fence, or tossed into a tree because a garbage can was just. too. far?

Have you ever mown your lawn and endured a smelly splatter because you forgot to check for dog bombs first?

Have you ever backed your car out of your garage, just to roll those nice textured tires through a big pile of crap?

Then you know my pain.


Hand made PoopApologies come in a set of 6 double sided 3"x3" square signs printed on heavy card stock and affixed to a wooden stick.

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