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Creative Contract Template

$39.00 USD

Creating a contract for creative freelance work can be a headache. But fear not! I've taken the contract that I use on a daily basis and created a template. I've also added notes to walk you through the reasoning behind each of the terms and conditions.


• Protects you from never ending client changes.

• Shows the client exactly what rights they are purchasing, and which ones still belong to you.

• It's clear, concise and in plain English - so you both can understand it!

• States what's expected of both you and the client so you can both be happy!

• Copy, paste and edit to suit your own specific business needs.


You are purchasing a PDF digital download. The link will be sent upon payment and expires within 60 days.

You will need a PDF reader like Acrobat to see the comment notes.

Be cool. Don't share the PDF online. Instead, send other creatives my way so they can purchase and gain all the knowledge you've enjoyed. Let all support one another! :)

For more information click ''Get the Creative Contract Template''

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