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Posts tagged with business

  1. 2023 My Year of FEAR!

    2023 was my YEAR of FEAR Pushing through fear, that is. I just had my most wildly successful year ever and I don’t think it would have been possible without taking some scary leaps. I’m not usually one to invest in myself or my business. I’m usually happy staying at…

  2. Creative for life - My illustration career path

    When did you know you wanted the career path you ended up on? I’ve known since kindergarten. I remember being at the craft table every day. Making these huge construction paper figures. The teacher was so impressed that she took me to the principal’s office with one of them, where…

  3. Best podcasts for creative freelancers

    I’m a big fan of podcasts. I started listening to audio books while I freelanced at home. I found they put me in an almost meditative state, where my hand was still drawing, but my mind was listening to the book. When I transitioned to a full time office job…

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