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Mental Health Awareness

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and #youarenotalone if you struggle with mental health issues.

I went almost 40 years without knowing that I suffered from anxiety.

I just thought it was my personality to always be panicked about everything. I watched my mom act the same and I just assumed it was an inherent trait.

It hit a breaking point a few years after my second son was born. I had a constant ball of fear and panic residing in my chest. A lump in my throat. Any question would send me into a confused state of overwhelm. I couldn’t think straight, I was constantly snapping at my kids over the most minor things.

My mom actually suggested I see a doctor. I sought out help in the form of therapy and medication. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.

These days I can face problems without panic. I can drive a car without constant terror. I’m calmer with my kids and my husband. I can think clearly about my business goals.

Medication didn’t affect my creativity like I thought it might. It didn’t change my personality. It just got rid of the wall of static in my mind that was fogging everything up and holding me back.

It’s been absolutely life changing and now I’m a mental health advocate. I want to reach out to others, share my story, and if it resonates maybe it can help them take the first scary steps to seek help too. We can’t see inside each other’s heads, so that’s why I share mine.

You are not alone.

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