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Case Study: Branding and business card design process.

I’ve been working on redesigning my branding for a while now. I think it can be a real challenge to work on the feel of your own business because you’re so close to it. I want to share some of my design process.

It all began with an animated, wobbly, hand-lettered logo of my name for my website. Then I added “Creative” as I think that’s much more encompassing for what I do - illustration, lettering and design.

From there I redesigned my invoices, letterhead and finally business cards. I made the design decision to incorporate both my nature illustration spots as well as the hand lettering of my logo to reflect both those parts of my business. I also plan on developing more work in the style direction of these plants and animals.

 For the physical business card I selected rounded corners to speak to the organic feel of my work. I also chose the gold colour for the logo to conceptually represent the elegance in my work. A gloss coating over the illustrations really makes their colours pop.

All in all I’m really happy with how they turned out. Hope you enjoyed hearing the process behind my design decisions. 

What’s your opinion. Do you still use business cards? Also, if you’re in need of some fresh branding or cards, feel free to contact me. I’m always looking for fun new design projects.

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